Thursday, February 25, 2010

6 sides in New Mexico


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Printmaking Exhibit in Burris Hall Gallery Through March 13


Photo: Margaret McKinney/Highlands University

“Six Sides 2 Every Story” is a large, collaborative international woodblock print piece that is part of a printmaking exhibit on display at Highlands University’s Burris Hall Gallery through March 13.

Printmaking Exhibit in Burris Hall Gallery Through March 13

A free printmaking exhibit featuring national and international artists is on display at New Mexico Highlands University’s Burris Hall Gallery, 903 National Ave, through March 13.

“The exhibit covers a huge variety of printmaking techniques, including woodcuts, silk screens, lithography, etchings, linoleum cuts, and more,” said Todd Christensen, the Department of Fine Arts professor who organized the exhibit. “The exhibit is an opportunity to see the work of accomplished U.S. printmakers along with international artists.”

Christensen organized this printmaking exhibit, as well as a first-time printmaking conference earlier this month for fine arts students and the community. The conference included guest artists presenting lectures, demonstrations and open studios.

“It brings excitement, energy and experimentation to our students’ work when they get to participate in a conference like this, and see this caliber of printmaking exhibit,” Christensen said. “It’s good for students to learn different techniques from a variety of artists. It gives them a lot of new ideas.”

A large collaborative wood block print piece that displays the international flavor of the exhibit is “6 Sides 2 Every Story.” Nearly 600 artists cut wood blocks for the piece, each drawing inspiration from international news stories. “Six Sides 2 Every Story” is touring the United States.

“This piece shows how art can be collaborative and community based,” Christensen said.

Christensen, a professor at the university since 2008, teaches printmaking, painting and drawing. His printmaking work is also included in the exhibit.

Christensen said the Department of Fine Arts’ annual Iron Tribe event inspired him to create a similar event for printmaking. Iron Tribe features an iron art exhibit, art foundry performance casting, an iron art symposium, and more.

Christensen is already planning ways to expand the printmaking conference and exhibit in the future.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Exhibit Scheduled at Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College                                      
Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010   Contact: Anne Hansen
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           775-445-3235

WNC Gallery Exhibit
Printmaking Exhibit Reaches to All Sides of the Planet
CARSON CITY – A collaborative art project that reaches out to artists around the world will show at Western Nevada College January 25-February 25. “6 Sides 2 Every Story,” a printmaking exhibit organized by Reno artist Candace Nicol, will show in the Atrium Gallery to open the spring semester. A public reception is Wednesday, Jan. 27, 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Bristlecone Building galleries.
More than 500 participants were asked to illustrate their own perspectives by carving one side of a wooden cube. Each cube represents a current story found in a national/international article, internet posting, or magazine. The culminating project includes artists from the United States, Canada, England and South Africa.  Within two years, 95 cubes were carved.
“By sharing a cube consisting of the same story, some artists connected with each other in their communities, while others shared one story with strangers in other places,” Nicol said. “Participants responded to one another’s marks, their visual images and the initial story.”
Candace Nicol teaches printmaking at Truckee Meadows Community College, and is a co-founder of the Northern Nevada Printmakers’ Conspiracy. Her work is frequently exhibited nationally and internationally and is part of many permanent collections.
This project is funded in part by an Artist Fellowship grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency; and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; and by an artist grant from Sierra Arts.
The WNC Carson art galleries, located in the Bristlecone Building on the Carson City campus are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  All exhibitions and related activities are free and open to the public.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Cubes created by artists from around the world.

First Name Last Name City State

Rosemary Jones Australia

Wendy Willis Phoenix AZ

Sonja Johnson Tucson AZ

Joe Marshall Tucson AZ

Danny Martin Tucson AZ

Andrew Polk Tucson AZ

Kathryn Polk Tucson AZ

Triston Myna Baldwin Window Rock AZ

Ila Crawford Kamloops BC

Garry Davies Kamloops BC

Lydis Garcia Kamloops BC

Linda Jules Kamloops BC

Manny Jules Kamloops BC

Cea Winter Kamloops BC

Javier Martinez Azvsa CA

Katie Belknap Bayside CA

Solomon Lowenstein III Bayside CA

Dan Samborski Carmichael CA

Gemma Elk CA

Sarah Whorf Eureka CA

Katherine Venturelli Fiddletown CA

Danny Serfaty Los Angeles CA

Neal Taylor Los Angeles CA

Rachael Winn Yon Los Osos CA

Paul LaRiviere Morro Bay CA

Linda Katzdorn Sacramento CA

Art Hazelwood San Francisco CA

Peter Leone McCormick San Francisco CA

Amanda Padilla San Francisco CA

Tania Padilla San Francisco CA

Debbie Hawkins San Luis Obispo CA

Lauren Kinney Santa Rosa CA

Deborah Nevius Kinney Santa Rosa CA

May Hariri Aboutaam Sunnyvale CA

William Kubow Sunnyvale CA

Pui Yu Esther Au Boulder CO

Helen Baribeau Boulder CO

Clark Barker Boulder CO

Whitney Burns Boulder CO

Dana Crary Boulder CO

Heather Crespi Boulder CO

Heidi Crespi Boulder CO

Allienna Gonzalez Boulder CO

L.T. Hammett Boulder CO

Eric Macdin Boulder CO

Susanne Mitchell Boulder CO

Audrey Schaiberger Boulder CO

Emily Schmidt-Beuchat Boulder CO

Sam Scruby Boulder CO

Abby Stangl Boulder CO

C.Maxx Stevens Boulder CO

Mara Tegethoff Boulder CO

Melanie Yazzie Boulder CO

Lydia Young Boulder CO

Lauren Brasher Boulder CO

Robin (aka Edenink) Ruston Boulder CO

Lili Francuz Fort Collins CO

Anne Getts Fort Collins CO

Courtney Pulver Littleton CO

Lika Gitis Longmont CO

Leslie Benson Snowmass CO

Stephen Sanchez Westminster CO

Christina I. Smith Westminster CO

Rebecca Nicol Washington DC

Vincent Cougreau Haiku Maui HI

Carla Bravo Boise ID

Carla Bravo Boise ID

Katie Cepek Boise ID

Jill Fitterer Boise ID

Kirsten Furlong Boise ID

Holly Gilchrist Boise ID

Nicole Herden Boise ID

April Hoff Boise ID

Lorin Humphreys Boise ID

Deborah Jones Yensen Boise ID

Angela Katona-Batchelor Boise ID

Marissa Keith Boise ID

Elizabeth Kidd Boise ID

Sue Latta Boise ID

Denise Lauerman Boise Id

Benjamin Love Boise ID

Amy Nack Boise ID

Dan Scott Boise ID

Melissa Stephenson Boise ID

Jin You boise ID

Deb Yensen McCall ID

Zach Haight Nampa ID

Anne Peterson Klahr Star ID

Angee Lennard Chicago IL

Megan Sterling Chicago IL

Greg Tarbox Biddeford Pool ME

Laura Berman Kansas City MO

Will Burnip Kansas City MO

Maura Cluthe Kansas City MO

Ben Jones Kansas City MO

Estrella Payton Kansas City MO

Julia Welles Kansas City MO

Laos Fois Jersey City NJ

Jaz Graf Jersey City NJ

Barbara Landes Jersey City NJ

Brigid Curran Glorieta NM

Nolan Winkler Hillsboro NM

R.WM. Winkler Hillsboro NM

Todd Christensen Las Vegas NM

Carol Brown Carson City NV

Galen Brown Carson City NV

Joliene Dexter Carson City NV

Mary Dillon Carson City NV

Sarah Gularte Carson City NV

Darian Horrigan Carson City NV

Susan Kotler Carson City NV

Frisco Merrill Carson City NV

Claire Penn Carson City NV

Sharon Rosse Carson City NV

Craig Steele Carson City NV

Alex Wing Carson City NV

Amber Keating Dayton NV

Sadie Broadhead Gardnerville NV

Louise Howes Gardnerville NV

Danny Judd Garnerville NV

Megan Neilon Genoa NV

Megan Neilon Genoa NV

Dafne Ordonez Genoa NV

Daryl DePry Henderson NV

Val Hylin Incline Village NV

Liz Pagnelli Incline Village NV

Kris Vagner Lafayette NV

Lynne Kistler Lamoille NV

Maria Arango Las Vegas NV

Brianna Bangle Las Vegas NV

Katherine Christensen Las Vegas NV

Hildy Faultersack Las Vegas NV

Travis Feiner Las Vegas NV

Marco A. Garcia Las Vegas NV

Megan Labadie Las Vegas NV

Karen Parry Las Vegas NV

Brian Porray Las Vegas NV

Mary Warner Las Vegas NV

Andrew Guddat Minden NV

Brook Kelley Minden NV

Andrew Gaddax Mindon NV

Brook A. Icelley Mindon NV

Cory Aguilar Reno NV

Paris Almond Reno NV

Robert Barron Reno NV

Katherine Baumgartner Reno NV

Jeb Benthin Reno NV

Jorge Cervantes-Diaz Reno NV

Jorge Cervantes-Diaz Reno NV

Sarah Chvilicek Reno NV

Nick Critser Reno NV

Amelia Currier Reno NV

Julie Duncan Reno NV

Ingrid Evans Reno NV

Jeannie Franklin Reno NV

Sky Fuzell-Casey Reno NV

Vince Garcia Reno NV

Kelsie Harder Reno NV

David Harger Reno NV

Fletcher Hill Reno NV

Fletcher Hill Reno NV

Tiffany Hill Reno NV

Jennifer Ishimatsu Reno NV

Shawn Jaime Reno NV

Suzy K. Reno NV

Suzan Kahraman Reno NV

Suzy Kahraman Reno NV

EunKang Koh Reno NV

David Laws Reno NV

David C. Laws Reno NV

Scottie Lockrem Reno NV

Vicki LoSasso Reno NV

Traye Lovejoy Reno NV

Ike Lubiniecki Reno NV

Erica Lysdal Reno NV

Kathleen Marshall Reno NV

Ramiro Martinez Martinez-Saenz Reno NV

Jim McCormick Reno NV

Jim McCormick Reno NV

Susan Moore Reno NV

Claire Munoz Reno NV

Caroline Musselman Reno NV

Naomi Nickerson Reno NV

Candace Nicol Reno NV

John Nicol Reno NV

Dana Nollsch Reno NV

Marcus Olson Reno NV

Yoganathan Palani Reno NV

Maria Partridge Reno NV

Nolan Preece Reno NV

Carol-Ann Ricketts Reno NV

Sue Roberts Reno NV

Jacy Robinson Reno NV

Cesar Ruiz Reno NV

Denise Rush Reno NV

Ramiro Martinez Saenz Reno NV

Lynn Schmidt Reno NV

Dianna Sion-Callender Reno NV

Greg Sion-Callender Reno NV

JR Smith Reno NV

Chad Sorg Reno NV

Stacy Spain Reno NV

Jessica Staggs Reno NV

Susan Stewart Reno NV

Kim Swearingen Reno NV

Rossitza Todorova Reno NV

Lana Vasylyeva Reno NV

Natalie Vasylyeva Reno NV

Jim Zlokovich Reno NV

Javier Reno NV

Suzy Reno NV

Shaina Renner Smith NV

Shaina Renner Smith NV

Cory Aguilar Sparks NV

Alex Arciniega Sparks NV

Alex Arciniega Sparks NV

Jessica Cabanilla Sparks NV

Nicole Hamlin Sparks NV

Shawn Jaime Sparks NV

Morgan Lott Sparks NV

Leta Medina Sparks NV

Chris Misanik Sparks NV

Alexandria Nicol Sparks NV

Dana Nollsch Sparks NV

Mary Nollsch Sparks NV

Lola Winckelmann Sparks NV

Ronald Wood Sparks NV

Sandra Garrison Stagecoach NV

Chris Higgins Sun Valley NV

Kevin Wowo Sun Valley NV

Elaine Parks Tuscarora NV

Gene Gardella Verdi NV

Jill Bruglar Washoe Valley NV

Sharon Tetly Washoe Valley NV

Samantha Millard Yerington NV

Kathy Wood Sparks NV

Florence Neal Brooklyn NY

Melinda Yale Brooklyn NY

Sarah Hauser New York NY

April Vollmer New York NY

Ina Kaur Bowling Green OH

Maggie Goat Wewoka OK

Diane Tarter Adair Village OR

Gale Everett Albany OR

Jennifer Gimsewski Aumsville OR

Kathryn Nichols Beaventon OR

Emily Bean Corvallis OR

Kathryn Cellerini Corvallis OR

Kelsi Cross Corvallis OR

Emily Germond Corvallis OR

Seth Jefferson Corvallis OR

Greg Luckeroth Corvallis OR

Chi Meredith Corvallis OR

Danuta Muszynska Corvallis OR

Kim Myers Corvallis OR

Noah Strycker Creswell OR

Elaina LaBoda Jamieson Eugene OR

Jane Vanderzanden Gales Creek OR

Mona Dinger La Grande OR

Kathelene Galloway La Grande OR

Deborah Hoffnagle La Grande OR

Jo Jopholm La Grande OR

Amber MacLean La Grande OR

Harold Mason Monmouth OR

Sue Mason Monmouth OR

Rebecca McCannell Monmouth OR

Lacey Mar Brown PDX OR

Julie Manning PDX OR

Carol Chapel Philomath OR

Debby Sundbaum-Sommers Philomath OR

Jill Clark Portland OR

Luke Foresyth Portland OR

Ken Manning Portland OR

Courtney Monsantofils Portland OR

Angelita Surmon Portland OR

Dance Commander P-Town OR

Jennifer K. Abbott Ttood River OR

Jennifer Derkert Union OR

V. Hitzert Beaverton Oregon

Eleanor H. Erskine Portland Oregon

Matthew Clark Lancaster PA

Matthew Clark Lancaster PA

Sheila Carnduff Dunfermline Scotland

Maria Ginnerup Dunfermline Scotland

Catherine King Dunfermline Scotland

Alison Leeper Dunfermline Scotland
Aine Scannell Dunfermline Scotland
Clare Yarrington Dunfermline Scotland

Julia Britou GAUTENG South Africa

Phumzile Buthelezi GAUTENG South Africa

Mduduzi Gumede GAUTENG South Africa

Simphiwe Gumede GAUTENG South Africa

Charles Kholobeng GAUTENG South Africa

Themba Khumalo GAUTENG South Africa

Phillip Mabote GAUTENG South Africa

Lehlogonolo Mashaba GAUTENG South Africa

Thabo Mofokeng GAUTENG South Africa

Tebogo Moloi GAUTENG South Africa

Moffat Nkosi GAUTENG South Africa

Molefe Thwala GAUTENG South Africa

Diane Victor Gauteng South Africa

Christine Dixie Grahamstown South Africa

Nyaniso Lindi Grahamstown South Africa

Dominic Thorburn Grahamstown South Africa

Robyn Sassen Johannesburg South Africa

Bevan OE WET Johannesburg South Africa

Molly Branton San Antonio TX

Dinah Coakely San Antonio TX

Paula Cox San Antonio TX

Margaret A. Craig San Antonio TX

Nicole Geary San Antonio TX

Joey Behrens Salt Lake City UT

Erik Brunvand Salt Lake City UT

Sandy Brunvand Salt Lake City UT

Stefanie Dykes Salt Lake City UT

Randy Hankins Salt Lake City UT

Catherine Mataisz Salt Lake City UT

Aaron Murphy Culpeper VA

Jenn Erwin Richmond VA

Clare Emhiser Brattleboro VT

Mildred Beltre Burlington VT

Max Madalinski Marlboro VT

MaLynda Poulsen-Jones College Place WA

John Fiala Duvall WA

Arvid Anderson Fox Island WA

Dan Barnett Gig Harbor WA

Susan Paredes Gig Harbor WA

Carol Lynn Kirchner Kirkland WA

Earl Kirchner Kirkland WA

Sue Stewart Puyallup WA

Maurene Smith Tacoma WA

Dawn Forbes Walla Walla WA

Margaret Jamison Walla Walla WA

Kynde Kiefel Walla Walla WA

Lisa Rasmussen Walla Walla WA

Susa Roberts Walla Walla WA

Rachel Feerick Meguon WI

Ellie Honl Stevens PT. WI

Bart Fetz Green River WY

Suzanne Morlock Wilson WY

Ahmad Hariri   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hiba Hariri  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mazen Hariri  Lebanon

Samira Hariri  Lebanon

Yaumna Hariri   Omaha NE

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today (Dada Cube pt. 1)

Getta' loada' this will ya'..
6 Sides To Every Story (thanx Candace Nicol) brings 600 artists together to carve on the sides of these lil' cubes. Woodblock prints ensue as well as a large international collaborative exhibition.
This video of my cube is the best video of a carved block of wood on Internet right now, you can bank on that one charlie! It has a great soundtrack, the lyrics are precious, please enjoy.
t was based on a story in L A Times about LACountyMuseum
's new collection of old oceanic masks and the influence these designs had on the Dadaists.

Sleep Is Wrong (Dada Cube pt. 2)

Wake Up (Dada Cube pt. 3)