Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is a fun pic!

Hi Candace!I'm the last one to carve in Laura Berman's group. I'll be sending the cube tomorrow (Tuesday, August 26th) and you should receive it by next week. It's a couple of days late, so thanks for being patient. I loved being involved! It was fun...I can't wait to get the prints. :) Enjoy the picture of the cube featuring my side!Estrella Payton

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 NEW CUBES printed!

Cube #4 Both Sides of the Street
Story Sources: By Diane Lefer, The Sun April 2008
Artists: Stefanie Dykes (UT), Catherine Mataisz (UT), Randy Hankins (UT), Joey Behrens (UT), Erik Brunvand (UT), Sandy Brunvand (UT)

Members of Saltgrass Printmakers

Cube # 9 It's Official: Caribbean Monk Seal is Extinct
Story Source:
Artists: Melanie Yazzie (CO), C.Maxx Stevens (CO), Maggie Goat (OK), Triston Myna Baldwin (AZ)

Cube #12 How to Feed the World

Story Souce: Newsweek, May 10, 2008

Artists: Angela Katona-Batchelor (ID), Nicole Herden (ID), Dan Scott (ID), Deb Yensen (ID), Elizabeth Kidd (ID), Kirsten Furlong (ID)

Cube #39 Biological from the Artificial

Story Source: Art in America clipping April 2008
Artists: Margaret A.Craig (TX), Molly Branton (TX), Paula Cox(TX), Dinah Coakely(TX), Nicole Geary (TX), Matthew Clark (PA)

Cube #67 Developing Safe Water, Developing Communities

Story Source:

Artists: Susan Paredes (WA), John Fiala (WA), Dan Barnett (WA), Arvid Anderson (WA), Maurene Smith (WA), Sue Stewart (WA)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


From reading your blog it looks like you are getting some titles and commentary about some of the images you have. Well, mine is called "Humilobite with Pet Trilobite" (pronounced hyou-MEYE-lo-bite). Humilobites are basically transitional creatures between trilobites and humans (like Homo habilis). Except with trilobites. Not apes. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

CUBE 95 "BOMB" Just another week on earth

Bee Cube Almost Done!

hey candace I didn't send this to you before. My side is done.
I want to call it bee architecture, empty house (not empty city).

Mildred Beltre

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dada Masks -Cube #59

Getta' loada' this will ya'..
6 Sides To Every Story (thanx Candace Nicol) brings 600 artists together to carve on the sides of these lil' cubes. Woodblock prints ensue as well as a large international collaborative exhibition.
This video of my cube is the best video of a carved block of wood on Internet right now, you can bank on that one charlie! It has a great soundtrack, the lyrics are precious, please enjoy.
t was based on a story in L A Times about LACountyMuseum
's new collection of old oceanic masks and the influence these designs had on the Dadaists.