Monday, December 1, 2008


Dear 6sides2every story Artist:

Here is you print from the cube you carved on. I would like to say thank you very much for participating in this project and I hope you are as excited as me with the progress of 6sides so far. We have a long way to go to finish the project. Here is the timeline:

April 1, 2008 – Project Announced, blog up and running, collating and sending out cubes
May 1, 2008 – Website up and running, participants working on cubes, continue recruiting new participants across the nation
December 31, 2008- Remaining cubes should be carved and sent back to Candace
January-February Working on printing cubes and printing up the larger prints for framing
February 15, 2009 - All prints ready for installation and portfolio
February 28, 2009- Participant book of stories and images sent to publisher
March 1, 2009- Installation and Exhibition proposals ready to send out to potential shows

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Sierra Arts and Nevada Arts Council. Both these agencies have given us grant money to finish the project and to help with the cost of shipping, printing, and framing of the large portfolio pieces. If you have some time, please could you email them and thank them for their sponsorship? The project might not have happened without that funding. Here are the email addresses:

Jill Berryman, Executive Director, Sierra Arts
Susan Boskoff, Executive Director, Nevada Arts Council

Keep checking the blog and the website for new developments and for exhibition whereabouts and dates…..

Hugs to you all!

Current INFO on 6sides2every story

6sides2every story
International collaboration of artists and printmakers
Organized by Candace Nicol, Reno, NV

6sides2every story essentially is a social experiment involving 600+ artists from around the world. Each artist is carving one side of a wooden cube and then I am acting as the master printmaker, printing editions to be sent back to each participant. The project will highlight the inherent democracy that printmaking gives to artists of all levels: Professionals, amateurs, non-printmakers, mentors and students will all contribute to the project. The purpose of this project is to connect artists from different backgrounds and places.


6sides2every story represents a collaboration that illuminates the artist/printmaker relationship and printmaking’s inherent collaboration characteristic. By sharing a cube consisting of the same story, some artists will connect with each other in their communities, while others will share one story with strangers in other places. Participants will respond to one another’s marks, their visual images and the initial story. There is a tremendous amount of trust needed between each of the artists working on cubes and between myself (the printmaker) and every participant giving up their substrate with the understanding that all sides will be printed together and they each will receive a print. Each image/story and participant will also come together in what will be a virtual community via unique website - and a blog -

MORE DETAILS: (initial project)
6sides2every story is a collaboration that starts with an individual artist carving a side of a wooden cube. The first person has to clip a phrase from a newspaper, magazine, or internet, and carve a visual narrative on one side of the cube. (The cube is provided by Candace Nicol) The first person can also organize a group of artists within his/her community that will work together on the cube. This is NOT a requirement, though. Many artists that are starting the cube are sending it back to Candace Nicol. The stories are posted on the web and emailed to potential carvers. This method will allow for the movement of cubes across the country. When one artist is done, he/she will give the cube to another person along with the clipping. Each person responds to the clipping and to the previous marks carved into the cube. Artists do not have to be printmakers. They just have to be willing to participate and to carve the cube in a timely manner. There is no fee, but each person needs to either hand the cube to someone in his/her community or be willing to send the cube to another person outside of his/her community; and at the end, send it back to Candace for printing. Once the cube is finished, Candace will print an edition of 8. Each participant will receive a print with all 6 sides of the story. Blocks will be printed on 8”x10” paper.