Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's play!

When we're all done carving and printing the blocks, I want to play with them. Imagine the intersections of stories being adjoined in a towering structure! It'll be like a three-dimensional scrabble game, only way better - with stories and pictures instead of just letters.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Cube.... thoughts by May Hariri Aboutaam

Hi Everyone,
May wrote this and sent it to me. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with everyone:

The cube supposedly a dull, and a straightforward shape is transformed into a dynamic interactive circular form with no ending. Circling from one hand to another the cube symbolizes the shape of a universal home, housing not living people but living stories and histories. Like a story teller, the cube encapsulates different moments of our lifes, different issues that touch us, it is capturing the essence of art being a mean of communication.

You know, since we're creating a book----- I invite you all to share thoughts and writings to include in the book.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

First picture of cube #56

Hey... Everyone I finely got a chance to post my picture of the first side of block #56... The cube has moved on to my father...then to my uncle...I will post pictures of those as soon as I get them...

I love seeing all the other pictures of sides when they are done... Hope to see more soon...

Kathy (Nevada)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update: Cube 59

Hi. I'm Cube 59, and I gotta' tell ya', Chad's had me for like a week and he's totally slouching. He hasn't done a damm thing with me. I don't think he really even has a handle on what type of story to put on me. How do I light a fire under this dude's ass? What kinda' stories are my fellow cubes getting carved with? anybody?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fire and Rebirth Cube #15

Hi everyone, this is May from Sunnyvale, California, enjoying Candace company. In the spirit of celebriting mother's day we are printing Fire and Rebirth is my title of my story. This cube is going to Oakland tomorrow and I am very excited to see where Hiba Kalache is taking the other side of this story.

Happy mother's Day to everybody.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Time to change our sub-title to International Collaboration....
Thanks everyone in Canada and South Africa and Carol Brown who is travelling to Europe and exchanging the cubes there this summer.

Welcome New Participants

Welcome to 6sides2everystory:

New participants as of May 5, 2008:

April Vollmer, New York, NY
Peter Leone McCormick, San Francisco, CA
Becca McCannell, Monmouth, OR
Printmaking Students at Western Oregon University
Robyn Sassen, Johannesburg, South Africa
Kim Berman, Johannesburg, South Africa
Members of ARTIST PROOF STUDIO, Newtown, Gauteng, South Africa
Carol Brown, Carson City, NV
Anne Getts, Boulder, CO
Sarah Chvilicek, Reno, NV
Lynn Schmidt, Reno, NV
April Townley, Reno, NV
Serena Skularek, Reno, NV
EunKang Koh, Reno, NV
Jill Brugler, Washoe Valley, NV
Kathelene Galloway, LaGrande, OR
Chad Sorg, Reno, NV
Traye Lovejoy, Reno, NV
Nicole Hamlin, Reno, NV
Carol Lynn Kirchner, Kirkland, WA
Chi Meredith, Corvallis, OR
Susan Paredes, Gig Harbor, WA
Morgan Lott, Sparks, NV
Alexandria Nicol, Sparks, NV
Jeff Dabney, Pembroke, NC

what's everyone doing for carving?

Is there info on the blog about how to people are stabilizing the cube to carve?
THis will be good!

Hi Susan,
I've carved two cubes (the first one was really hard... birch.... then I ordered fir cubes which are pretty soft and seem to be easy to carve.) I have dull student grade carvers, too. The ends of the cube are the hardest to carve out. A lot of the participants are using a small dremmel tool to carve with and even one participant used a wood burning tool.

No one has said anything about how they are stabilizing the cube. I just held mine, although I had a few "close" encounters with my fingers when I was carving at the corners.
It's an intriguing little piece of wood. My students seem to be having fun with them... I wish one cube would be finished soon, so I can print... I have the paper and the printing structure all ready to go!

There are two deadlines: End of August and End of December (for me to get them printed and sent back to everyone).... So I'm hoping that participants only take a week or two each person. I'll keep "reminding" everyone via email as we go along. The sooner a group gets one done, the sooner they get a print back.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just Got My Cube

Hey, Wanted to let every one know that I started carving my block # 56 this week... and will Pass it on to my Father, Ron Wood and then to His sister (who lives in Oregon) then on to Virginia for the forth side... I think that I will be able to find the last two people to carve 5 and 6... no worries everyone I have talked to seems very excited to participate...

This is one of the neatest thing that I have taken part in... thank you Candace for the opportunity...

I will post a picture when I finish the week... I enjoy looking at the other pics...


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Both Sides of the Street


Saltgrass Printmakers is off and running with our cube. I have finished carving side one and have handed it off to the next person at the shop.

Stefanie Dykes