Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update: Cube 59

Hi. I'm Cube 59, and I gotta' tell ya', Chad's had me for like a week and he's totally slouching. He hasn't done a damm thing with me. I don't think he really even has a handle on what type of story to put on me. How do I light a fire under this dude's ass? What kinda' stories are my fellow cubes getting carved with? anybody?


Anonymous said...

Hi Chad-
STOP slackin' I know that NADA motel has got ya packin'!!!

Here's some stories:

King's Death Remembered

Torch Concludes Topsy-Turvy Tour of S.F

China led world executions in 2007

Hard Liner with Soft Touch Reaches Out to U.S. Flock

Starving Dog as Art

....(more to come)...

Chi said...

Cube 66 woke me up last night (this morning, that is, very early) and complained also...get going. This is too cool to put off another that's what I am doing today...getting going on it. Will find the story...that's the next step! Good luck.