Sunday, November 16, 2008

Greetings from Scotland

Aine Scannell organized this cube in Scotland  (Note from Candace --- I didn't know which direction the character went... probably lost in translation?)

Below is Aine's  summary of this article she found on the website called “China Now”

XIN HANZI (her title extracted from main article)

Written Chinese, is made up of 55,000 ideographs (hanzi).
Lu Hsun, (a key proponent of the New Writing movement of the 1930s.) called for a “Latinized” vernacular phonetic system to replace these. What he wanted to see was a language system that was truly democratic and not something that had been until then, as he saw it, the preserve of the elite.

Chinese characters have been reformed, reorganized, re-numbered, regulated, restricted and simplified., resulting in the language format that is taught in primary education in China today.

Jiao Yingqi, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Art, says “the Chinese written language has become more accessible. but the basic composite elements of Chinese characters are increasingly archaic, inflexible and poorly equipped for the 21st century.”

The approximately 55,000 extant Chinese characters are based on root components known as “radicals” (pianpang bushou in romanized Chinese). These 189 ideographs include archaic representations such as man, woman, tree, water, soil, rock, sky, heart, field, roof, dish, tiger, bamboo, bird, metal, hand and foot.

To address the gulf between China’s writing system and the post-Modern world, Jiao has embarked on a personal and theoretical project he calls New Characters (Xin Hanzi). Via a trial-and-error process that tightly integrates his artistic, design and theoretical interests, he has thus far created 32 new radicals.

ARTISTS:  Aine Scannell, Alison Leeper, Catherine King, Clare Yarrington, Maria Ginnerup, Sheila Carnduff

And Even More!

Cube #83 The Juarez Murders
Original News Source: By Debbie Nathan, Amnesty Magazine
L.T. Hammett (CO), Eric Macdin (CO), Pui Yu Esther Au (CO), Emily Schmidt-Beuchat (CO), Audrey Schaiberger (CO), Lauren Brasher (CO)


Cube #81 The Juarez Murders
Original News Source: By Debbie Nathan, Amnesty Magazine
Stephan Sanchez (CO), Courtney Pulver (CO), Christina I. Smith (CO), Whitney Burns (CO), Sam Scruby (CO), Dana Crary (CO)


Cube #68 In the Platypus Genome, an Odd Map of Evolution
Original News Source: By Rick Weiss, Washington Post, May 8, 2008
Rebecca McCannell (OR), Sue Mason (OR), Jennifer Gimsewski (OR), Harold Mason (OR), Diane Tarter (OR), Elaina LaBoda Jamieson (OR)


Cube #42 Burka Barbie
Original News Source:
Maria Partridge (NV), Susan Moore (NV), Naomi Nickerson (NV), Vicki LoSasso (NV), Lola Winckelmann (NV)

MORE and More cubes printed

Cube #41, Nevada Ranks Among the Most Seismically Active States

ARTISTS: Dianna Sion-Callender (NV), Greg Callender (NV), Kim Swearingen (NV), Javier (NV), Kris Vagner (CA), Elaine Parks (NV)


Cube #24 The Art in UFC's Violence by Kevin Lynch, Las Vegas Sun, May 22, 2008
News story source: 

ARTISTS:  Lorin Humphreys (ID), Angela Katona-Batchelor (ID), Deb Jones Yensen (ID), Jin You (ID), April Hoff (ID), Amy Nack (ID)


Cube #14 Prescribed Burns Will Continue in Tahoe Area
News Source: Reno Gazette Journal, April 2008

ARTISTS: Susan Stewart (NV), Lynn Schmidt (NV), Sarah Chvilicek (NV), Rachael Winn Yon (CA), Paul LaRiviere (CA), Debbie Hawkins (CA)


Cube #7 "a woman trapped in a woman's body (tales from a life of cringe)"  2007 by Lauren Weedman
Story Source: Published by Sasquatch Books 119 S Main St, Suite 400 Seattle WA 98104

ARTISTS: Sue Latta (ID), Anne Peterson Klahr (ID), Jill Clark (OR), Ken Manning (OR), Julie Manning (OR), Dance Commander (OR)


Cube #6 Global Food Crisis
Story Source: National Post

ARTISTS: Linda Jules (Canada), Manny Jules (Canada), Ila Crawford (Canada), Lydis Garcia (Canada), Garry Davies (Canada), Cea Winter (Canada)