Sunday, November 16, 2008

MORE and More cubes printed

Cube #41, Nevada Ranks Among the Most Seismically Active States

ARTISTS: Dianna Sion-Callender (NV), Greg Callender (NV), Kim Swearingen (NV), Javier (NV), Kris Vagner (CA), Elaine Parks (NV)


Cube #24 The Art in UFC's Violence by Kevin Lynch, Las Vegas Sun, May 22, 2008
News story source: 

ARTISTS:  Lorin Humphreys (ID), Angela Katona-Batchelor (ID), Deb Jones Yensen (ID), Jin You (ID), April Hoff (ID), Amy Nack (ID)


Cube #14 Prescribed Burns Will Continue in Tahoe Area
News Source: Reno Gazette Journal, April 2008

ARTISTS: Susan Stewart (NV), Lynn Schmidt (NV), Sarah Chvilicek (NV), Rachael Winn Yon (CA), Paul LaRiviere (CA), Debbie Hawkins (CA)


Cube #7 "a woman trapped in a woman's body (tales from a life of cringe)"  2007 by Lauren Weedman
Story Source: Published by Sasquatch Books 119 S Main St, Suite 400 Seattle WA 98104

ARTISTS: Sue Latta (ID), Anne Peterson Klahr (ID), Jill Clark (OR), Ken Manning (OR), Julie Manning (OR), Dance Commander (OR)


Cube #6 Global Food Crisis
Story Source: National Post

ARTISTS: Linda Jules (Canada), Manny Jules (Canada), Ila Crawford (Canada), Lydis Garcia (Canada), Garry Davies (Canada), Cea Winter (Canada)

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