Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hi Everyone,
More cubes have been printed. Here they are:

Cube #64 Busy Bees
Original News Source:  June issue of Martha Stewart "The Sweet Side of Summer" recipe and article from: about the crisis in pollination!
April Vollmer, NY; Barbara Landes, NJ; Sarah Hauser, NY; Melinda Yale, NY; Mildred Beltre, VT; Florence Neal, NY

Cube #91 Abandoned Owls Blamed on Harry Potter
Original News Source: BBC NEWS 6/19/2008
Laura Berman, MO; Maura Cluthe, MO; Will Burnip, Kansas; Julia Welles, MO; Ben Jones, MO; Estrella Payton, MO

Cube #95 Just Another Week on Earth
Original News Source: Harper's Weekley, May 20. 2008, Weekly Review, By Chantal Clarke
Linda Katzdorn, CA; Dan Samborski, CA; Katherine Venturelli, CA; William E. Kubow, CA; Nolan Winkler, NM; R.Wm. Winkler, NM

Cube #53 Earth day planned for Regina, Canada
Original News Source: Leader-post (internet article)
Leta Medina, NV; Traye Lovejoy, NV; Jeb Benthin, NV; David Harger, NV; Chris Higgins, NV; Kathy Wood, NV

Cube #60 Magnitude 6.2 - Vanuatu
Original News Source: USGS April 28, 2008
Traye Lovejoy, NV; Jeb Benthin, NV; Leta Medina, NV; David Harger, NV; Chris Higgins, NV; Kathy Wood, NV

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ainesse said...

Candace Hi did you receive our little cube yet?