Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cube 44 Earth Day…"we have met the enemy, and HE is US."

Hi Candace..
Here are the pictures I took. I'm not very good at photos! The fish is mine and the car with trash thrown out is # 1 person, I believe. The hand with trash in air is # 2.... I don't have their names.  Bye for now, Brigid

Walla Walla Cloning

Dear Candace,

Enclosed are the images from our cube. Finally. There is one more
side to carve which will be done today and I will have the cube over-
nighted to you tomorrow. Thank you so much for allowing us to
participate in this project.



Cube Subject: Genetics

"Clone on the Range" by Malynda Poulsen-Jones

"Primordial Stew" by Margaret Jamison

"Knick Knack Paddy Whack- Give the Dog a Clone" by Lisa Rasmussen

"The Better to Ear You With, Dear Mouse" by Dawn Forbes

"Wonder Y" by Susa Roberts

"Knowledge" by Kynde Kiefel