Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today (Dada Cube pt. 1)

Getta' loada' this will ya'..
6 Sides To Every Story (thanx Candace Nicol) brings 600 artists together to carve on the sides of these lil' cubes. Woodblock prints ensue as well as a large international collaborative exhibition.
This video of my cube is the best video of a carved block of wood on Internet right now, you can bank on that one charlie! It has a great soundtrack, the lyrics are precious, please enjoy.
t was based on a story in L A Times about LACountyMuseum
's new collection of old oceanic masks and the influence these designs had on the Dadaists.

Sleep Is Wrong (Dada Cube pt. 2)

Wake Up (Dada Cube pt. 3)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oops, forgot one

Cube #58 Close Call at Cove High
Original News Source: by Mardi Ford, The Observer, April 29, 2008, La Grande, Oregon
Artists: Kathelene Galloway (OR), Jo Topholm (OR), Mona Dinger (OR), Deborah Hoffnagle (OR), Jennifer Deckert (OR), Amber MacLean (OR)


Cube #76 The World Only Cares about Pirates
Original News Source: Story from BBC NEWS:
Artists: Laos Fois (NJ), Jaz Graf (NJ), Abby Stangl (CO), Mara Tegethoff (CO), Allienna Gonzalez (CO), Heather Crespi (CO)

Cube #5 Genetics

Original News Source: none
Artists: Malynda Poulsen-Jones (WA), Margaret Jamison (WA), Lisa Rasmussen (WA), Dawn Forbes (WA), Susa Roberts (WA), Kynde Kiefel (WA)

Cube #10 A Woman's Heart
Original News Source: Quote by Maya Angelou
Artists: Lynne Kistler (NV), Liz Paganelli (NV), John Nicol (NV), Fletcher Hill (NV), Travis Feiner (NV), Joliene Dexter (NV)

Cube #61 Possible abuse of boys in polygamous sect
Original News Source: yahoo news and the tv..its all over about the cult
Artists: Nicole Hamlin (NV), Candace Nicol (NV), Rebecca Nicol (NV), Cory Aguilar (NV), Sue Roberts (NV), Rosemary Jones (NV/Australia)

Cube #59 DADA mask
Original News Source: inspired by,0,4846366.story
Artists: Chad Sorg (NV)

Cube #92 The Fall of the Sparrow
Original News Source: excerpt from the "The Fall of a Sparrow" by Robert Hellenga, NYT Best Seller
Artists: Eleanor H. Erskine (OR), V. Hitzert (OR), Lacey Mar Brown (OR)

Cube #85 Target Earth
Original News Source: by Richard Stone, National Geographic, August 2008
Artists: Fletcher Hill (NV), Shawn Jaime (NV), Jessica Staggs (NV), Lola Winckelmann (NV), Natalie Vasylyeva (NV), Samantha Millard (NV)

Cube #75 Dead Sexy
Original News Source: from "DEAD SEXY, Jillian McDonald Makes Zombie Art You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into" by Molly Simms, Bust Magazine, Oct/Nov 2008
Artists: Jaz Graf (NJ), Laos Fois (NJ), Abby Stangl (CO), Mara Tegethoff (CO), Heidi Crespi (CO), Robin Ruston (a.k.a. Edenink) (CO)

Cube #2 Guy tears hair out over hairdresser's phone
Original News Source:
Artists: Jenn Erwin (VA), JR Smith (VA), Nick Critser (NV), Ike Lubiniecki (NV), Frisco Merrill (NV), Shaina Renner (NV)

and even more! we are more than half way done printing!

Cube #74 The Price of Greed
Original News Source: by Andy Serwer and Allan Sloan, Time Magazine Sept. 29, 2008,9171,1846709,00.html
Artists: Kathryn Polk (AZ), Danny Martin (AZ), Andrew Polk (AZ), Joe Marshall (AZ), Sonja Johnson (AZ), Wendy Willis (AZ)

Cube #71 Soccer Fashion Craze
Original News Source:
Artists: Carol Brown (NV), Cesar Kuiz (NV), Shawn Jaime (NV), Fletcher Hill (NV), Sarah Guiarte (NV), Alex Arciniega (NV)

Cube #66 Australia Starts Kangaroo Killing
Original News Source: Associated Press May 19, 2008
Artists: Chi Meredith (OR), Carol Chapel (OR), Gale Everett (OR), Debby Sundbaum-Sommers (OR), Danuta Muszynska (OR), Angelita Surmon (OR)

Cube #63 The Artist Horse
Original News Source: by Sandra Chereb, Associated Press
Artists: David C. Laws (NV), Cory Aguilar (NV), Naomi Nickerson (NV), Scottie Lockrem (NV), Ellie Honl (WI)

Cube #62 The Big Yellow Taxi
Original News Source: "The Big Yellow Taxi" song and poem by Joni Mitchell
Artists: Carol Lynn Kirchner (WA), Earl A. Kirchner (WA), Ramiro Martinez-Saez (NV), Suzy K. (NV), Darian Horrigan (NV), Joliene Dexter (NV)

and more.....

Cube #50 Receiving sexual favors from a vacuum
Original News Source: Associated Press Oct. 18, 2008
Artists: Candace Nicol (NV), Ramiro Martinez-Saenz (NV), Jessica Staggs (NV), Nick Critser (NV), Brook A. Kelley (NV), Frisco Merrill (NV)

Cube #49 Cannibal Chef
Original News Source: BBC NEWS October 20, 2008
Artists: Robert M. Barron (NV), Sky Fuzell-Casey (NV), David C. Laws (NV), Sandra Garrison (NV), Mary Dillon (NV)

Cube #47 Hey Las Vegas, it's the water
Original News Source: by ALAN CHOATE LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Oct. 14, 2008
Artists: Katherine Christensen (NV), Megan Labadie (NV), Karen Parry (NV), Brianna Bangle (NV), Hildy Faultersack (NV), Marco A. Garcia (NV) ....students from Anne Hoff's printmaking class, College of Southern Nevada

Cube #45 Jackson Pollock Photo
Original News Source: Springs, NY Time, Inc. 1949
Artists: Jim McCormick (NV), Eunkang Koh (NV), Lynn Schmidt (NV), Danny Judd (NV), Mary Warner (NV), Brian Porray (NV)

Cube #44 Earth Day... "we have met the enemy, and HE is US."
Original News Source: clipping "Pogo' comic strip by Walt Kelly
Artists: Sue Roberts (NV), Ingrid Evans (NV), Suzanne Morlock (WY), Brigid Curran (NM), Lili Francuz (CO), Bart Fetz (WY)


Cube #40 Starving Dog as Art
Original News Source: Baltimore Sun,  by John Woestendiek
Artists: Morgan Lott (NV), Alexandria Nicol (NV), Candace Nicol (NV), Carla Bravo (NV)

Cube #38 Music Life Enrichment
Original News Source:
Artists: Erica Lysdal (NV), Lola Winckolmann (NV), Cesar Ruiz (NV), Ramiro Martinez-Saenz (NV), Dafne Ordonez (NV), Amber Keating (NV)

Cube #37 Hard Liner with Soft Touch Reaches out to U.S. Flock
Original News Source: New York Times, 4/12/08
Artists: Vicki LoSasso (NV), Greg Tarbox (ME), Clare Emhiser (VT), Max Madalinski (VT), Candace Nicol (NV), Alexandria Nicol (NV)

Cube #36 Attacker Beheaded in India
Original News Source: Reno Gazette Journal 10/08 Associated Press
Artists: Alexandria Nicol (NV), John Nicol (NV), Sky Fuzell-Casey (NV), Suzy Kahraman (NV), Sadie Broadhead (NV)

Cube #34 They didn't ask: what's after death
Original News Source: inpired by Butterfly's Burden by Mohamoud Darwich 
Artists: May Hariri Aboutaam (CA), Ina Kaur (OH), Nolan Winkler (NM), Susan Paredes (WA), Arvid Anderson (WA), John Fiala (WA)


Cube #31 The Natural World
Original News Source: a clip from National Geographic Traveler, date unknown
Artists: Lana Vasylyeva (NV), Natalie Vasylyeva (NV)

Cube #27 Mother steals daughter's cheerleading identity
Original News Source: by Nick Meo,
Artists: Cory Aguilar (NV), Alexandria Nicol (NV), Lola Winckelmann (NV), Jessica Staggs (NV), Amber Keating (NV), Dafne Ordonez (NV)

Cube #22 Dinosaur Dance Floor
Original News Source: by Mike Stark, Associated Press reno gazette-journal october 22, 2008
Artists: Sue Roberts (NV), Suzy Kahraman (NV), Ike Lubiniecki (NV), Cesar Ruiz (NV), Danny Judd (NV), Sandra Garrison (NV)

Cube #21 Radioactive Elevator Buttons
Original News Source:
Artists: Sky Fuzell-Casey (NV), Ike Lubiniecki (NV), Nick Critser (NV), Erica Lysdal (NV), Suzy Kahraman (NV), John Nicol (NV)

Cube #20 College students busted in drug sting
Original News Source: Associated Press, May 6, 2008
Artists: Shawn Jaime (NV), Fletcher Hill (NV), Cesar Ruiz (NV), Jessica Staggs (NV), Samantha Millard (NV), Travis Feiner (NV)

Cube #19 China led word executions in 2007
Original News Source:
Artists: Jacy Robinson (NV), Matthew Clark (PA), Elaine Parks (NV), Danny Serfaty (CA)

Cube #18 Torch Concludes Topsy Turvy Tour of S.F.
Original News Source: San Francisco, CA April 9, 2008
Artists: Paris Almond (NV), Candace Nicol (NV), David C. Laws (NV), Robert Barron (NV), Alex Arciniega (NV), Brook Kelley (NV)

Cube #15 Protest against xenophobia in blogs
Original News Source: Sunday Indpendent (South African version).  The byline is Debbie Smit published on May 25, 2008
Artists: Robyn Sassen (South Africa), Diane Victor (South Africa), Bevan De Wet (South Africa), Christine Dixie (South Africa), Nyaniso Lindi (South Africa), Dominic Thorburn (South Africa)

Cube #11 Gray Thunder
Original News Source: An excerpt from article by Cyril Christo, May/June 2008  Orion Magazine
Artists: Jill Fitterer (ID), B. Love (ID), Denise Lauerman (ID), Zachary Haight (ID), Marissa Keith (ID), Melissa Stephenson (ID)

Cube #8 GOP spent $150,000 on Palin look
Original News Source: Associated Press, October 22, 2008
Artists: Ike Lubiniecki (NV), Candace Nicol (NV), David C. Laws (NV), Frisco Merrill (NV), Sharon Tetly (NV), Megan Neilon (NV)