Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Cube #50 Receiving sexual favors from a vacuum
Original News Source: Associated Press Oct. 18, 2008
Artists: Candace Nicol (NV), Ramiro Martinez-Saenz (NV), Jessica Staggs (NV), Nick Critser (NV), Brook A. Kelley (NV), Frisco Merrill (NV)

Cube #49 Cannibal Chef
Original News Source: BBC NEWS October 20, 2008
Artists: Robert M. Barron (NV), Sky Fuzell-Casey (NV), David C. Laws (NV), Sandra Garrison (NV), Mary Dillon (NV)

Cube #47 Hey Las Vegas, it's the water
Original News Source: by ALAN CHOATE LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Oct. 14, 2008
Artists: Katherine Christensen (NV), Megan Labadie (NV), Karen Parry (NV), Brianna Bangle (NV), Hildy Faultersack (NV), Marco A. Garcia (NV) ....students from Anne Hoff's printmaking class, College of Southern Nevada

Cube #45 Jackson Pollock Photo
Original News Source: Springs, NY Time, Inc. 1949
Artists: Jim McCormick (NV), Eunkang Koh (NV), Lynn Schmidt (NV), Danny Judd (NV), Mary Warner (NV), Brian Porray (NV)

Cube #44 Earth Day... "we have met the enemy, and HE is US."
Original News Source: clipping "Pogo' comic strip by Walt Kelly
Artists: Sue Roberts (NV), Ingrid Evans (NV), Suzanne Morlock (WY), Brigid Curran (NM), Lili Francuz (CO), Bart Fetz (WY)

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