Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cube #40 Starving Dog as Art
Original News Source: Baltimore Sun,  by John Woestendiek
Artists: Morgan Lott (NV), Alexandria Nicol (NV), Candace Nicol (NV), Carla Bravo (NV)

Cube #38 Music Life Enrichment
Original News Source:
Artists: Erica Lysdal (NV), Lola Winckolmann (NV), Cesar Ruiz (NV), Ramiro Martinez-Saenz (NV), Dafne Ordonez (NV), Amber Keating (NV)

Cube #37 Hard Liner with Soft Touch Reaches out to U.S. Flock
Original News Source: New York Times, 4/12/08
Artists: Vicki LoSasso (NV), Greg Tarbox (ME), Clare Emhiser (VT), Max Madalinski (VT), Candace Nicol (NV), Alexandria Nicol (NV)

Cube #36 Attacker Beheaded in India
Original News Source: Reno Gazette Journal 10/08 Associated Press
Artists: Alexandria Nicol (NV), John Nicol (NV), Sky Fuzell-Casey (NV), Suzy Kahraman (NV), Sadie Broadhead (NV)

Cube #34 They didn't ask: what's after death
Original News Source: inpired by Butterfly's Burden by Mohamoud Darwich 
Artists: May Hariri Aboutaam (CA), Ina Kaur (OH), Nolan Winkler (NM), Susan Paredes (WA), Arvid Anderson (WA), John Fiala (WA)

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