Monday, May 5, 2008

what's everyone doing for carving?

Is there info on the blog about how to people are stabilizing the cube to carve?
THis will be good!

Hi Susan,
I've carved two cubes (the first one was really hard... birch.... then I ordered fir cubes which are pretty soft and seem to be easy to carve.) I have dull student grade carvers, too. The ends of the cube are the hardest to carve out. A lot of the participants are using a small dremmel tool to carve with and even one participant used a wood burning tool.

No one has said anything about how they are stabilizing the cube. I just held mine, although I had a few "close" encounters with my fingers when I was carving at the corners.
It's an intriguing little piece of wood. My students seem to be having fun with them... I wish one cube would be finished soon, so I can print... I have the paper and the printing structure all ready to go!

There are two deadlines: End of August and End of December (for me to get them printed and sent back to everyone).... So I'm hoping that participants only take a week or two each person. I'll keep "reminding" everyone via email as we go along. The sooner a group gets one done, the sooner they get a print back.


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