Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi Candace, April and Barbara, this is from Sarah Hauser. I have completed my print (a scan of which is below), "Bee Sanctuary", as part of Cube 64, and will be sending the cube on to Melinda Yale.

Here is a bit of a story about my print:
A month or two before I was contacted by April for this project, I read a teensy article which I found buried in the NY Post. The article is about a Serbian beekeeper who began to build monasteries for his bees because he decided that "bees have a soul too".
I saved the article, taping it to my bathroom mirror, knowing that some art would come forth from it at some point.
When April told me about this project, I felt that this article related to her original article, and so my print, "Bee Sanctuary", is really a response to both articles.

Below you will see my article. I have enclosed a hard copy of that plus a more detailed version of the story which I found on the Internet, along with a proof of my print, etc in the box with the cube and other materials.

all the best
Sarah Hauser
That is too strange! I was so surprised when I found a beehive in Belgrade that was a miniature (4 feet tall) version of one of the most important Serbian Orthodox churches (in Kosovo)! It was in St. Mark's church in downtown Belgrade. All the monasteries in the countryside were surrounded by bee hives and sold honey, propolis and wax candles.
I think there is a bee-goddess at work here! The Minoans had bee priesteses called "Melissae" so it is very ancient. It is also strange that Melissa Potter has that name! She was a fulbright scholar in Serbia several times, and has been very helpful to me in understanding Serbia.

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