Thursday, February 25, 2010

6 sides in New Mexico


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Printmaking Exhibit in Burris Hall Gallery Through March 13


Photo: Margaret McKinney/Highlands University

“Six Sides 2 Every Story” is a large, collaborative international woodblock print piece that is part of a printmaking exhibit on display at Highlands University’s Burris Hall Gallery through March 13.

Printmaking Exhibit in Burris Hall Gallery Through March 13

A free printmaking exhibit featuring national and international artists is on display at New Mexico Highlands University’s Burris Hall Gallery, 903 National Ave, through March 13.

“The exhibit covers a huge variety of printmaking techniques, including woodcuts, silk screens, lithography, etchings, linoleum cuts, and more,” said Todd Christensen, the Department of Fine Arts professor who organized the exhibit. “The exhibit is an opportunity to see the work of accomplished U.S. printmakers along with international artists.”

Christensen organized this printmaking exhibit, as well as a first-time printmaking conference earlier this month for fine arts students and the community. The conference included guest artists presenting lectures, demonstrations and open studios.

“It brings excitement, energy and experimentation to our students’ work when they get to participate in a conference like this, and see this caliber of printmaking exhibit,” Christensen said. “It’s good for students to learn different techniques from a variety of artists. It gives them a lot of new ideas.”

A large collaborative wood block print piece that displays the international flavor of the exhibit is “6 Sides 2 Every Story.” Nearly 600 artists cut wood blocks for the piece, each drawing inspiration from international news stories. “Six Sides 2 Every Story” is touring the United States.

“This piece shows how art can be collaborative and community based,” Christensen said.

Christensen, a professor at the university since 2008, teaches printmaking, painting and drawing. His printmaking work is also included in the exhibit.

Christensen said the Department of Fine Arts’ annual Iron Tribe event inspired him to create a similar event for printmaking. Iron Tribe features an iron art exhibit, art foundry performance casting, an iron art symposium, and more.

Christensen is already planning ways to expand the printmaking conference and exhibit in the future.

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