Sunday, April 13, 2008

Launch of national collaboration

As humans, we have the incredible ability to perceive the same events as completely different happenings. This collaboration project will give consideration to these individual points of views. Participants are asked to illustrate their own individual perspectives by carving one side of a wooden cube. Each cube will represent one current issue found in a national/international article, internet posting, or magazine. This project will expand across the United States, starting with 100 (2”x2”x2”)cubes, 600 participants.

Instructions:1. The first person has to clip a phrase from a newspaper, magazine, or internet, and carve a visual narrative on one side of the cube. (Please email me at to have me send you the cube.) You do not need to print it.

2. When you are done, you will give the cube to another person along with the clipping. (A small baggie will be provided with cube along with participant info cards.) Each person responds to the clipping and to the previous marks carved into the cube. Artists do not have to be printmakers. They just have to be willing to participate and to carve the cube in a timely manner. EACH PERSON NEEDS TO EMAIL CANDACE NICOL WHEN THEY RECEIVE AND WHEN THEY PASS THE CUBE TO ANOTHER PERSON.

3. There is no fee, but each person needs to either hand the cube to someone in his/her community or be willing to send the cube to another person outside of his/her community; and at the end, send it back to me for printing.4. Once the finished cube has been sent back to me, I will print an edition of 8. Each participant will receive a print with all 6 sides of the story. One print will be used for exhibition purposes and one set will be donated to a permanent collection (to be determined).

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