Monday, June 2, 2008


Exciting and what a blast to print! I found it relaxing to sit and print these cubes. It was interesting to examine each side, how each person carved into the wood and the challenges in printing. I didn’t always know how each side was oriented (up, down) and it was fun to try to interpret the signs and make connections to the original story.

So here are the first four:

Cube #52 Sweden Road Signs Going Feminine
Original Story:

Artists: Noah Strycker (OR), Emily Bean (OR), Jennifer Abbott (OR), Kathryn Nichols (OR), Rachel Feerick(WI), Courtney Monsantofils (OR)
Cube #51 Things that are handy in an emergency
Original Story:

Artists: Kathryn Cellerini (OR), Greg Luckeroth (OR), Emily Germond (OR), Kim Myers (OR), Seth Jefferson (OR), Kelsi Cross (OR)

Cube #16 Alaska Now Has 2 Gas Pipeline Proposals
Original Story:

Artists: Melanie Yazzie (CO), Leslie Benson (CO), Todd Christensen (NM), Helen Baribeau (CO), Susie Mitchell (CO), Rossitza Todorova (NV)


Cube #13 Olive Ridley Turtle
Original Story:

Artists: Melanie Yazzie (CO), Todd Christensen (NM), Lydia Young (CO), Clark Barker (CO), Likia Gitis (CO), Anne Getts (CO)


Happy carving... I'll be updating the website soon with participants names and web addresses.




ainesse said...

Candace --- what a wonderful idea for a project. At first I thought that each person worked on one cube - but then realized that it was only on one side of the cube!!

My my...the logistics and organization involved.!nn You obviously have your work cut out for you with this one!!

And although at the top of your blog it says international - it looks like you are just keeping it to artists from USA.

I mean could I participate if I can whip together another 5 people?

If you want to keep it to USA only I understand. Maybe at some point you might extend it and internationalize it. This is such fun and coincidentally I have been getting into doing woodblock lately.

By the way what are the blocks made of - what wood is used.?

better go make lunch now.....

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