Sunday, June 8, 2008

"BUSY BEES" cube 64 started by April Vollmer

April Vollmer's side of cube 64 "BUSY BEES"My print is "the Hive Goddess of Belgrade". I found her on the side of a building, in Belgrade with a hive in her hand. (I just had an exhibition there I proofed it with sumi ink on Nishinouchi Japanese paper, printed with a baren.

My chosen news article is the June issue of Martha Stewart "The Sweet Side of Summer" which not only has a recipe for a honey cake in the shape of a bee hive, but includes a well researched article about the decline of the bee population in the U.S. Both the imported honeybees and native bee species are threatened. For more information The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation has a great website with information about the crisis in pollination!

The artists who have agreed to contribute to six sides of "Busy Bees" are:

Barbara Landes
Sarah Hauser
Melinda Yale

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Candace Nicol said...

Hi April,
Can't wait to see the rest of this cube!!!! Awesome story.